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Tamara Lander, small

With an inside dimension of 302x205mm (width x height) the small landing skid is sufficiently measured for most camera gimbals. Its load capacity of 30kg makes it sturdy enough to take even rugged landings with a heavily laden copter.

The three-piece bracket can be adjusted at three levels, thus allowing to alter width or height as necessary. Furthermore, the three-piece construction grants an easy and efficient repairing in case of any damage.


Width between Skids: 316mm Clear Height for Gimbal: 205mm Weight: 215g
Item Number: LGS-V11


Bracket for small Lander

Item Number: LGS-001

Strut Pair for small Lander

Item Number: LGS-002

Screw Set for small Lander

Item Number: LGS-003

Skid Set for Tamara Landers

(Suitable for both Landers)
Item Number: LGS-004