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Tamara Lander, big

The big landing skid measures 378x282mm (width x height) and provides sufficient space even for large gimbals for heavy cameras. Six struts on either side provide for maximum protection of the valuable camera equipment. The sturdy construction has a load capacity of more than 40kg and protects both cameras and gimbals from getting damaged at hard landings.

Like the small skid the bigger model also possesses a three-piece bracket that allows an efficient and material-saving repair.


Width between Skids: 342mm Inside Dimension for Gimbal: 378x282mm (Width x Height) Weight: 315g
Item Number: LGB-V10


Bracket for big Lander

Item Number: LGB-001

Strut Pair for big Lander

Item Number: LGB-002

Screw Set for big Lander

Item Number: LGB-003

Skid Set for Tamara Landers

(Suitable for both Landers)
Item Number: LGS-004