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Tamara Series


The Tamara series was specifically designed for demanding professional use. One of the most important criteria for its development was a consistently modular design to meet a broad variety of requirements.

There is only one sort of motor mountings which can be used to install motors with a standard cross boring or Plettenberg motors. Motors can be mounted either on one side only or on both sides, thus allowing to upgrade a Quad to an X8 by assembling four additional motors while a Hexa can even be upgraded to an X12.

Flexibility has also been the basic idea of the design of the centre plate. There are only two kinds of centre plates: one for three or six arms (Multicopter types Y6, Flat Hexa, X12) and one for four or eight arms (Multicopter types Quad, X8, Flat Octo). The upper and lower centre plate are basically identical. All Multicopter types can be configured as + or x. Spans available are 70, 80, or 90 cm.

The spatulate design of the motor mountings protects the motors in case of a collision. The wiring runs well protected inside the mounting to avoid damage and short circuits. Furthermore, the plane construction warrants a lower position of the propellers, thus minimising vibration.

In order to avoid distortion, the arms are not clamped between the centre plates by the usual half-clamps. Instead, we used four one-piece clamps per arm, mortised with the centre plate in order to prevent the clamps from floating, thus causing shearing forces that could affect the screws and make the through-holes wear out. In addition, the slender contact surface between arms and clamps grants significantly higher clamping forces than could be effected with broader half-clamps.

One of the essential objectives of the development was to grant maximum protection of particularly delicate components like the flight control or the camera. Therefore, the Tamara series has been subject to extreme endurance testing throughout the entire development phase. Every part of the frame has been engineered with regard to maximum strain both on the fly and in case of a crash.
Type: Quad / X8 Flat Hexa / X12 Flat Octo
Span: 70cm 70cm 80cm 80cm 90cm
Weight: 334g 455g 479g 606g 638g
Max. Prop Size: 16 inches 12 inches 14 inches 11 inches 12 inches
Max. Thrust: 16,8kg (4,2kg per arm) 25,2kg (4,2kg per arm) 19,8kg (3,3kg per arm) 26,4kg (3,3kg per arm) 19,2kg (2,4kg per arm)
FC Mounting: 45x45mm, each 22,5° 45x45mm, each 45° 45x45mm, each 22,5°
Motor Mounting: 16-25mm 16-25mm 16-25mm 16-25mm 16-25mm
Item Number: TAM-V13-0 TAM-V13-2 TAM-V13-4 TAM-V13-6 TAM-V13-8
Product Contents:
2x Carbon Centre Plates 4x Carbon Arms 4x Motor Mountings 4x Clamp Sets 2x Carbon Centre Plates 6x Carbon Arms 6x Motor Mountings 6x Clamp Sets 2x Carbon Centre Plates 8x Carbon Arms 8x Motor Mountings 8x Clamp Sets

Recommended Setups:

Tiger MN3510-15 (630KV), Tiger 15x5" CF prop, 2x 4S1P 5000mAh 30C Lipo for Quad/X8 with highest resiliance Tiger MN3508-16 (700KV), Tiger 13x4,4" CF prop, 2x 4S1P 5000mAh 30C Lipo for Quad/X8 or Flat Hexa with 80cm span Tiger MN3110-15 (780KV), Tiger 11x3,3" CF prop, 2x 4S1P 4500mAh 30C Lipo for Flat Hexa with 70cm span or Flat Octo


Tamara Lander, small

Lander with a resilience of up to 30kg, fits for Dragon and comparable system camera gimbals.

Tamara Lander, big

Lander with a resilience of more than 40kg and an inside dimension of 378x282mm for big gimbals.

Dragon Pan Axis

360° pan axis with 12 pole slipring, suitable for all Tamara Landers in combination with a Dragon 2 axes gimbal.

Battery Mounting for Lander

Pair of battery mountings for both Tamara Landers. Suitable for battery lengths of up to 145mm.

Battery Mounting for Arms

Pair of battery moutings for arms of the Tamara Series, with optional moutings between the arms of a X8.

Tamara Mast Mounting

Parts kit for mounting a (foldable) mast for GPS antennas to a Tamara hexa or octo frame.

Platform for DJI A2

Big carrier platform for flight controllers like the DJI A2, with two optional mounting places for the GPS mast.

Platform for DJI Naza

Carrier platform for compact flight controllers like the DJI Naza or EagleTree Vektor, with mounting holes for a GPS mast.

Mikrokopter Mounting Ring

Mounting Ring for the Installation of a MK Flight Ctrl and a MK BL Combi ESC.


Spare Arm

Item Numbers:
28cm (70cm Span): TAM-001
33cm (80cm Span): TAM-002
38cm (90cm Span): TAM-003

Motor Plates (Standard)

Item Number: TAM-004

Motor Plates (Plettenberg)

Item Number: TAM-005

Motor Mounting Set

Item Number: TAM-006

Centre Plate for 3/6 Arms

Item Number: TAM-007

Centre Plate for 4/8 Arms

Item Number: TAM-008

Centre Plate Clamp Set

Item Number: TAM-009


Tamara X8 with redundant Mikrokopter Flight Control (meets requirements of Austrocontrol Class C), small Tamara Lander with Pan Axis and Dragon Gimbal:

Tamara Flat Octo with AutoQuad Flight Control and Emcotec Controller Boards, big Tamara Lander and Gimbal: