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Rubina T-Bar Lander

The T-Bar Lander weighs merely 155 grammes and was especially designed for Rubina as a light camera lifter. The snap-in holes make it particularly easy to attach the battery: The battery is pre-installed on its mounting and then simply slid into the rack until it snaps in.To release and remove the battery, one just has to press down a flexible tongue.

The landing skid comes with two battery mountings. Additional mountings can be ordered. Thus, all batteries can be pre-installed on battery mountings which allows a very quick change of batteries even in most hectic situations. The battery bay can hold batteries of up to 42 mm height and 53 mm width.

The legs are widely spread in order to keep them out of the camera’s visual field. Their length is adapted to the Dragon gimbal. Since they are attached with clamps on both ends they can easily be shortened or extended as required.


Width between skids: 385mm Clear height for gimbal: 185mm Weight: 155g Frame attachment raster: 45x45mm Gimbal attachment raster: 45x45mm Max. battery size: 53x42mm (width x height)
Item Number: TBL-V11


Spare Leg

Item Numbers:
Standard length (25cm): TBL-001
Extra length (30cm): TBL-002

Skid Set

Item Number: TBL-003

Battery Mounting

Item Number: TBL-004

Clamp Set for Skid

Item Number: TBL-005

Clamp Set for Leg

Item Number: TBL-006

T-Connector, two-piece

Item Number: TBL-007

Bridge Side Part

Artikelnummer: TBL-008

Bridge Top Part

Artikelnummer: TBL-009

Bridge Bottom Part

Artikelnummer: TBL-010