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Rubina Series


Rubina is alternatively available as X8 or Flat Hexa. As a light camera carrier, it is designed for ambitioned amateur filmmakers as well as for semi-professional use. Both frame types have a span width of 54 cm. Their extremely light and stiff construction makes them the ideal carrier for cameras up to 1,000 grammes.

The Flat Hexa version of Rubina allows motorisation with propellers up to 10 inches. With its frame weight of only 230 grammes (260 grammes including all mounting parts such as top plate, battery mountings or spacer bolts) it withstands a static strain of up to 15 kg without bending more than 1.5 mm over its total span width.

The wider interspace between the motors on the X8 version allows the application of 12 inch propellers. Due to the stiff construction of the 208 grammes light frame (without mounting parts) motors up to a scale of 2216 can be used without any trouble. Even with a payload of 2 kg the frame will remain stiff and allow very little vibrancy.

Both frames have a 30 x 30 mm raster of mounting holes on upper centre plate for miniature flight controls as well as a 45 x45 mm raster for usual flight controls. The 45 x 45 mm raster on the lower centre plate allows the installation of a landing skid. The enclosed battery mounting can be used to attach a battery in case the frame is flown without a landing skid. The Rubina landing skids are equipped with an integrated battery bay, thus replacing the battery mounting.

The motor mountings come with mounting holes with 16 and 19 mm interspace. LED strips of 5 cm length (= 1 segment) can be stuck on the counter plate of the motor mounting. Both motor mountings and counter plate come with guard brackets to protect the wiring from pinches.
Type: Quad / X8 Flat Hexa
Span: 54cm 54cm
Weight: 208g (242g incl. mounting parts) 230g (264g incl. mounting parts)
Max. Prop Size: 12 Zoll 10 Zoll
FC Mounting: 30x30mm and 45x45mm 30x30mm and 45x45mm
Motor Mounting: 16-19mm on both sides 16 and 19mm
Item Number: RX8-V10 RUB-V12
Product Contents:
2x Carbon Centre Plates 4x Carbon Arms with Motor Mountings and Clamps 1x Top Plate with Circular Level 1x Battery Mounting 1x Assembly Set 2x Carbon Centre Plates 6x Carbon Arms with Motor Mountings and Clamps 1x Top Plate with Circular Level 1x Battery Mounting 1x Assembly Set


T-Bar Lander

Light Lander with quick change system for batteries and suitable height for the Dragon gimbal.

Platform for DJI Naza

Carrier platform for compact flight controllers like the DJI Naza or EagleTree Vektor, with mounting holes for a GPS mast.

Mikrokopter Mounting Ring

Mounting Ring for the Installation of a MK Flight Ctrl and a MK BL Combi ESC.

H3-3D Adaptor Board

Adaptor board for mounting a DJI H3-3D or H4-3D gimbal including GCU and video transmitter.


Spare Arm

Item Number: RUB-001

Upper Centre Plate

Item Number: RUB-002

Lower Centre Plate

Item Number: RUB-003

Motor Mounting Set

Item Number: RUB-004

Top Plate

Item Number: RUB-005

Battery Mounting

Item Number: RUB-006

M2 Nuts (10 pieces)

Item Number: RUB-007

M2 Screws (10 pieces)

Item Number: RUB-008

Clamp Set

(Suits Centre Plates and Motor Mounts)
Item Number: RUB-009

Spacer Set

Item Number: RUB-010

Motor Spacer

Artikelnummer: RUB-011

X8 Motor Mounting Set

Artikelnummer: RX8-004

X8 Upper Centre Plate

Artikelnummer: RX8-002

X8 Lower Centre Plate

Artikelnummer: RX8-003


Rubina Flat Hexa with DJI NAZA and DJI H4-3D GoPro Gimbal:

Rubina X8 with AutoQuad Navigation Flight Controller and Dragon Gimbal: