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Act painstakingly when assembling the multicopter. Lock all screws that are not secured by locknuts (i.e. motor screws) with a special locking varnish. Do not place antennas parallel to metal or carbon fibre parts and mind an unblocked downwards radiation. Beware of chafes between frame and wiring.

Plug connections between wiring and receiver, flight control and battery must regularly be checked for tight fit and protected from vibrations. Make sure your flight control’s and remote control’s batteries are fully charged before every flight and check propellers for damage and secure attachment.

In case of any doubt about the technical condition of your model, DON’T START! Fix even the slightest damages immediately or cease air traffic.

RC flying models are no regular toys and can cause severe damage to property or persons in case of inattentiveness or malfunction. Fly responsibly and don’t exceed your abilities. Keep in mind that the use and maintenance of flying models requires technical know-how, mechanical accuracy as well as discipline and safety awareness.

We shall not be held responsible for any liability or consequential damages, since a professional assembly, appropriate use and regular maintenance by our customers is beyond our control!