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Never before a frame was tested by so many professional pilots, like Lilith was. After all, it was our intention to not even save the last grammes but also to gain a highly resilient racer which takes any strike uncomplainingly.

Lilith is available in two different versions: With 145 millimeter span and a weight of 37 grammes for 3 inches props and with 179mm span and a weight of 44 grammes for 4 inches props. A later conversion can be done by simply exchanging the arms. The cam bracket as well as the SMA mount provide an easy fixation of FPV components but they are not crucial for the frame's stability. Thus, one could save another 2 grammes if the parts are not needed for his setup.

There is enough space in the front for every normal FPV cam. Even 25mm cams with housings like the HS1177 fit properly. There are 3 rows with borings located behind the cam bracket, to allow a fixation of different types of camera mounts.

3D print files for mounting clips of different types of cams in different angles can be found here: The clip provides an easy and solid fixation of the cam to the bracket.

The frame set includes all V2A screws, locknuts and aluminum spacers.

ATTENTION: We highly recommend a setup with an AIO controller like the Flyduino KISS AIO, since there is only very little space for a common setup with FC and single ESCs.
Lilith 3 Inches Lilith 4 Inches
Span: 14.5cm 17.9cm
Weight: 37g 44g
FC Mounting: 30x30mm
Motor Mounting: M2.5 12mm
Item Number: LIL-V10-3 LIL-V10-4

Product Contents:

2x CFK Centre Plates 4x CFK Arms 1x CFK Topplate 1x Cam Bracket 1x SMA Mount 1x Assembly Set

Recommended Setups:

T-Motor F20 3200kv, 3x3x3 or 4x3x3 Prop, 3-4S1P 800mAh Lipo Tornado T1 1407 3600kv, 3x3x3 or 4x3x3 Prop, 3-4S1P 800mAh Lipo



Spare Arm 3 Inch: LIL-001
Spare Arm 4 Inch: LIL-002

Top Plate

Item Number: LIL-003

Upper Centre Plate

Item Number: LIL-004

Lower Centre Plate

Item Number: LIL-005

Assembly Kit

Item Number: LIL-006

Bracket Kit

Item Number: LIL-007


Lilith 3" with T-Motor F20 3200kv, HQProp 3x3x3, KISS AIO, Runcam OWL and TBS Unify Pro HV: