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Leora v2


Leora v2 was developed in cooperation with the KISS GateEaters Racing-Team. The very first prototypes had to prove themselves on race tracks and even before the serial production started, two of them have been qualified for the ERSA Europe Cup Finale 2016 during the Airmasters Styria.

In combination with our FPV pod, that allows a protected installation of camera and video transmitter as well as an individually adjustable angle up to 45 degrees, Leora is a lightweight and highly resilient FPV racer.

The span of 22cm leaves enough space for a 45mm hole pattern between the 5-inch-props. Stainless steel M3 insert nuts in the upper centre plate provide a strong screw fixation and take the stress from spacers mounted to the 45mm hole pattern. Two mounting platforms on the upper centre plate provide a secure fixation of the battery connector and/or additional capacitors.

The entire frame is made from CFK pressed at high temperature. It is available with 4mm arms as racer and with 3mm arms as freestyler. The freestyler weighs 70 grammes, the racer about 16 grammes more. An average ready to fly Leora v2 with FPV pod weighs about 320 grammes plus battery weight.
Leora v2 Freestyler Leora v2 Racer
Span: 22cm
Weight: 70g 86g
FC Mounting: 30x30mm and 45x45mm
Item Number: LEO-V20-F LEO-V20-R

Product Contents:

2x CFK Centre Plates 4x CFK Arms 1x Assembly Kit

Recommended Setups:

T-Motor F40 2500kv, 5x3x3 or 5x3x4 Prop, 4S1P 1200-1800mAh Lipo Tornado T1 2600kv, 5x3x3 or 5x3x4 Prop, 4S1P 1200-1800mAh Lipo



Lightweight and highly resilient FPV Pod with individually adjustable angle, suitable for Leora v2, Saphira and Rachel.


Item Numbers

Spare Arm Freestyler (3mm): LEO-011
Spare Arm Racer (4mm): LEO-012

Centre Plates

Item Number: LEO-013


Leora v2 Freestyler with T-Motor F40 2300kv, Racekraft 5051, KISS FC, HS1177 and TBS Unify Pro HV: