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Span: 85cm Weight: 975g including Gimbal FC Mounting: 45x45mm and 30x30mm Motor Mounting: 16/19/25mm

Product Contents:

1x Carbon Centre Plate Block 1x Rails with Gimbal, Battery Mounting and Cover 4x Arms with Folding Clamps and Motor Mountings

Recommended Setups:

Tiger MN3508-16 (700KV), Tiger 13x4,4" CF Prop, 4S1P 4000-5000mAh Lipo Tiger U3 (700kv), Tiger 14x4,8" CF Prop, 4S1P 4000-5000mAh Lipo
Item Number: JOR-V14


Spare Arm

Item Number: JOR-001

Motor Plates

Item Number: JOR-002

Motor Mounting Set

Item Number: JOR-003

Folding Clamp

Item Number: JOR-004

Knurled Screws

Item Number: JOR-005

Centre Plates

Item Number: JOR-006


Item Number: JOR-007


Item Number: JOR-008

Battery Mounting

Item Number: JOR-009

Lense Support

Item Number: JOR-010

Camera Platform

Item Number: JOR-011

Clamp Set

Item Number: JOR-012

Roll Motor

Item Number: JOR-013

Roll Tube

Item Number: JOR-014

Tilt Tube

Item Number: JOR-015