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The FPV Pod weigh 29 grammes and allows an individually adjustable angle between 0 and 45 degrees. Cameras with or without enclosure and with a PCB size of up to 32x32 millimeters can be mounted either to the 28x28mm hole pattern or with their lense to the 12mm centre hole. The second option allows a secure fixation inside the pod.

A platform on the top side of the pod allows fixing a runcam like Mobius. It can be fixed with a Velcro Strap and shows in the same angle as the FPV camera.

For mounting the video transmitter there are two side holes for SMA sockets and a mounting option with zipties on the base plate.

Though the FPV Pod was developed above all for our Leora and Saphira, it can be mounted to any other frame with a 30x30mm or 45x45mm hole pattern.


Size (LxWxH): 68x48x48mm Weight: 29g Angle: 0-45° individually adjustable Camera Mounting: 28x28mm and 12mm Lense Mount Pod Mounting: 30x30mm and 45x45mm

Product Contents:

FPV Pod Mounting Kit Assembly Instruction
Item Number: POD-001


FPV-Pod Top

Item Number: POD-002

FPV-Pod Base

Item Number: POD-003