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FLIR+GoPro Tilt Swing

The FLIR + GoPro Tilt Swing can be used to equip a normal brushless Dragon I Gimbal in version v1 or v2 from our rOsewhite multirotor model series with a FLIR Vue (Pro) or TAU thermal imager in combination with a GoPro HERO 3/4 or HERO Session. To replace the swing, only the M2 clamping screws of the swing height adjustment have to be loosened.

The swing was designed for maximum stiffness with minimum weight, so that the gimbal controller can be optimally configured before an axis swings up. For all camera combinations, the USB outputs of the FLIR cameras and the GoPro are freely accessible so that they can be connected to a video transmitter using a live-out cable. The optional Power & HDMI video module can also be used with the FLIR Vue Pro.

The FLIR models are screwed directly onto the swing using their two threaded holes in the floor. Elongated holes ensure that the center of gravity of the FLIR cameras can be adjusted. Rubber inlays on the camera pads ensure that the cameras sit securely. An ironing set is optionally available for attaching the FLIR and the GoPro models HERO 3/4 or HERO Session.

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FLIR + GoPro Tilt Swing

Item number: RW-DG2-001

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Ironing-Set for GoPro HERO 3/4

Item number: RW-DG2-003

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Ironing-Set for GoPro HERO Session

Item number: RW-DG2-004

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