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Dragon II Brushless Gimbal


More flexible, more comfortable and more accurate - the Dragon II is not just a renovated version of its predecessor, but has been completely redesigned. 14-bit magnetic encoders on all axes ensure a precise and powerful control. The camera rail provides a quick exchange of battery, memory card or lens. All adjustment screws are comfortably accessible even with mounted camera.

The DII has been slightly scaled up, so that even bigger cameras like the Panasonic GH5 fit easily. The radius of the damper stack has been increased and the damper stack is now equipped with 8 αGel dampers by default. Due to the special design of the high-class Taica αGel dampers, even in case of badly damaged dampers a breaking of the gimbal is impossible.

Certainly the DII impresses with all the features that already distinguished the first Dragon model from its competitors. The yaw bracket has been strutted torsionally rigid, roll and tilt axes are fitted with double bearings to gain a maximum rigid carbon gimbal with a weight of not more than 520 grammes.

A lense support eliminates the typical high frequency vibration of a tilt axis with downward tilted camera. In addition to that, the lense support secures an accidentaly not properly fixed camera rail.


14-Bit Magnetic Encoder with PWM and SPI Connection Camera Rail for quick Changing or Adjusting Lens Support to avoid Tilt Axis Oscillation Comfortable Tilt Axis Height Adjustment from Front Comfortable Roll Axis Adjustment from back side Large Damper Stack with 8 Taica αGel Dampers Extremely stiff Carbon Gimbal for highest Control Precision
Weight: 520 g
Width: 228 mm
Depth: 163 mm
Height (at fully extended Swing): 212 mm
Max. Weight of Camera: 1000 g
Clear Width of Swing: 152 mm
Max. Height of Camera Barycentre: 42,5 mm
Max. Length behind Barycentre: 61 mm
Motors: GB4106, 12N/14P

Product Contents:

Dragon II 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal, completely preassembled Adjustment Tools