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Highly resilient camera platform for professional use with 4, 6 or 8 arms and motor mounts on both sides.


Light, torsion-resistant camera platform, available as Hexa or X8 with a 54 centimeter span.


Foldable system camera platform with integrated Dragon Gimbal, 85 centimeter span and a weight of 975 grammes.

Rachel v3

Light frame for sports and aerobatics with a 30 centimeter span and 4mm thick carbon arms.


Lightweight and resilient frame for scientific experiments as well as for sports and aerobatics.

Leora v2

Extremely robust and light FPV racer and freestyler with a span of 22 centimeters and optional FPV pod.


Micro FPV-Racer, for 3" with 145mm span and 37g weight and for 4" with 179mm span and 44g weight.


Dragon Gimbal

Brushless gimbal for system cameras (Sony Nex, Blackmagic Pocket, Lumix GH2/GH3) with a weight up to 850 grammes.

Dragon FLIR+GoPro

Brushless Gimbal for carrying a FLIR Vue or Tau thermal imaging camera beside a GoPro HERO or HERO Session.

Dragon Pan Axis

360° pan axis with 12 pole slipring, suitable for all Tamara Landers in combination with a Dragon 2 axes gimbal.


Tamara Lander, small

Lander with a resilience of up to 30kg, fits for Dragon and comparable system camera gimbals.

Tamara Lander, big

Lander with a resilience of more than 40kg and an inside dimension of 378x282mm for big gimbals.

T-Bar Lander

Light Lander with quick change system for batteries and suitable height for the Dragon gimbal.

Tripod Lander

Extremely lightweight and high resilient lander with a firm stand in any terrain, adjustable in 3 angles.


Battery Mountings for Lander

Pair of battery mountings for both Tamara Landers. Suitable for battery lengths of up to 145mm.

Battery Mountings for Arms

Pair of battery moutings for arms of the Tamara Series, with optional moutings between the arms of a X8.

Tamara Mast Mounting

Parts kit for mounting a (foldable) mast for GPS antennas to a Tamara hexa or octo frame.

Platform for DJI A2

Big carrier platform for flight controllers like the DJI A2, with two optional mounting places for the GPS mast.

Platform for DJI Naza

Carrier platform for compact flight controllers like the DJI Naza or EagleTree Vektor, with mounting holes for a GPS mast.

Mikrokopter Mounting Ring

Mounting Ring for the Installation of a MK Flight Ctrl and a MK BL Combi ESC.

H3-3D Adaptor Board

Adaptor board for mounting a DJI H3-3D or H4-3D gimbal including GCU and video transmitter.

IMU Bracket

Bracket for AlexMos/Basecam and Phobotic IMUs, suitable for Dragon gimbals and Jordana.

FLIR+GoPro Tilt Swing

With the FLIR+GoPro Tilt Swing a normal Dragon Brushless Gimbal can be converted into a Dragon FLIR+GoPro.


Lightweight and highly resilient FPV Pod with individually adjustable angle, suitable for Leora v2, Saphira and Rachel.

Dome for Rubina/Tamara

The 1,5mm strong PET dome provides a reliable protection of sensitive electronics.

Dome Mounting Set

Mounting set for a secure bolting of the dome onto the centre plates, suitable for Rubina and Tamara.

Saphira Carrier Platform

This platform serves as carrier for additional components and offers protection for the flight controller.