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Camera Platforms

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  • Redundance of all flight relevant components (Austro Control up to class C/D)
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields during flight
  • Payloads up to 4 kilogrammes
  • Manual or GPS-assisted controlling
  • Autonomous mission flight with
    • Any number of waypoints
    • Points of interest
    • Automatic starts and landings
    • Easy mission planning with tablet or PC/laptop
  • Return to Home
  • Position Hold
  • Flight Data Recording
  • Operation with one or two persons (Pilot and Camera Man)
Note: Some Featurs and Functions are generally constituted, others optionally available.



Foldable Camera Platform with integrated Gimbal for System Cameras and an average AUW of barely more than 3kg. Configuration with GPS Navigation and redundant Motors optionally.

Rubina X8

Light and compact Platform for System Cameras with redundant Motors and autonomous GPS Navigation. Applicable even in strong wind due to its high Thrust and an AUW of less than 3kg.

Tamara X8

Sturdy Camera Platform with a Payload of up to 4kg. Due to redundant Motors, redundant Flight Controller with GPS Navigation and Dual Power Supply, this model matches all requirements of Austro Control Class C.

Dragon Brushless Gimbal

Dragon 2 Axes Gimbal mounted to a Rubina. The Gimbal is suitable for System Cameras up to 850g and also available with 3 Axes.

Tamara Lander

The Lander does not only allow Landings. It protects precious Camera Equipment and withstands Loads of more than 40kg.

Redundant Flight Controller

Redundant Mikrokopter Flight Controller with autonomous GPS Navigation on a Tamara X8.


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